Prize List

Class List


  1.  Cross Rails  (8 jumps – 18″)
  2.  .65 Meter  (10 jumps – No Oxers – No Combinations)
  3.  .75 Meter  (10 jumps – Oxers Included – No Combinations)
  4.  .85 Meter (10 jumps – Oxers & Combinations Included)
  5.  .95 Meter (10 jumps – Oxers & Combinations Included)
  6.  1.0 Meter  (10 jumps – Oxers & Combinations Included)
  7.  1.10 Meter (10 jumps – Oxers & Combinations Included) (to be the second class of the day)
  8.  1.20 Meter (10 jumps – Oxers & Combinations Included) (to be the first class of the day)
  9.  $1,000 Gambler’s Choice .65- 1.20

Contestants to show over the same height as in their previous round. 1.30 entries will show at 1.20 height. The class will start at the highest height and work down to .65.
Jumps will be assigned points according to their level of difficulty. Contestants to select their own route. Each jump may only be jumped twice and must be jumped in the correct direction in order for point to accrue. Time allowed 60 seconds.

Entry Fees

$75.00 Gambler’s Choice

Cash Prizes - All Table IIc Classes

1st Place 30% of entry fees
2nd Place 20% of entry fees
3rd Place 10% of entry fees


1st Place $375
2nd Place $250
3rd Place $150
4th Place $100
5th Place $50
6th Place $25

Series Championship

Horse and rider combinations accumulating the most points in each of their divisions will be awarded special prizes and a championship buckle at the April event.

Retired Racehorse Award

Presented the he highest scoring retired racehorse accumulating the most points during the series. (Don’t forget to check the box on the entry form if eligible) 

All Riders Must Wear ASTM Certified Helmets When Mounted

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